Laser Materials
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At SM, we specialize in the growth and fabrication of high-temperature single-crystal oxide laser materials such as the ubiquitous YAG (Y3Al5O12), and LuAG, YAP (YAlO3), GGG, YSGG, YSO (Y2SiO5), among others. Serving Military, Medical, Industrial and Scientific markets for over 20 yrs, SM provides high-precision fabrication and polishing of laser rods, slabs, discs, passive q-switches & YAG optics.

Thru externally funded and internally driven research programs, SM has developed processes and techniques resulting in the highest quality solid-state laser materials available world-wide. Our U.P. grade YAG and LuAG laser rods, slabs and discs have establish a new standard of quality for the demands of high performance laser systems.

Looking for a hard to find laser material or interested in contracting SM for material development work? See our Custom Material Development page.

Standard Manufacturing Specifications for Laser Rod, Slab and Discs

Diameter Tolerance ±0.025 mm
Length Tolerance ±0.5 mm
End Face Bevel ≤0.127 mm @ 45 deg
Perpendicularity < 5 arc min
Parallelism ≤10 arc sec
End Face Flatness ≤ λ/10 @ 633nm
End Surface Finish SD 10-5
Ground Barrel 220 grit
Polished Barrel 80-50 scratch-dig
Polarization Extinction Ratio 25 db Minimum
Transmitted Wavefront Distortion λ/10 per in of rod length