Mono-Block Laser Resonators
Mono-Block Lasers

Scientific Materials offers COTS and OEM mono-block laser resonators. A mono-block laser cavity consists of an Nd:YAG gain block, Cr4+:YAG passive q-switch and intra-cavity OPO. Smaller than a typical laser pointer and weighing less than 0.5oz, these rugged laser resonators have the ability to produce high peak-power pulse. Lamp-pumped and diode-pumped configurations available in both 1.5 micron and 1064nm configurations.


  • Q-switched high-peak power pulses
  • Cost Effective
  • Rugged
  • No moving parts or kinematic mounts


  • Eyesafe Rangefinder
  • Eyesafe illuminators for imaging systems
  • Target acquisition systems
  • Designation